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Welcome to Minne Monesse Golf Club in Grant Park, Illinois.

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Welcome to Minne Monesse Golf Club

Welcome to Minne Monesse Golf Club, your number one option for a round of golf in Grant Park, Illinois. We have everything you need on our grounds to craft a truly unforgettable round of golf. Located 1/4 mile south of route 17 and 3 1/2 miles east of Grant Park, beautiful Minne Monesse is the perfect place to host your next golf outing as well. This is a sporty and challenging facility that boasts country club conditions without country club prices. With a spectacular view of the golf course, our main dining, banquet, and bar room can accommodate groups of up to 150, with an additional private banquet and meeting room with seating for up to 90 more people. With excellent food we can make you next outing or meeting a pleasurable experience.

Grant Park Golf at its Finest

The amenities are nice but the real star of the show at Minne Monesse Golf Club is the high quality of the course design. Our championship par 72 ranks among the finest in Kankakee County.  With rolling hills, water on 11 holes, and huge old oaks, Minne Monesse is a golf course that is enjoyable for both the professional and the novice golfer. Established in 1926, it's still privately owned and operated. Just be prepared to reach for every club in your bag.

Finally, don't forget to set aside some time to stop in the clubhouse and say hello. We can't wait to meet you!

About Us

Minne Monesse G.C., located just south of the village of Grant Park, IL, was first opened in 1926, closed during the World War II years of 1942 – 1945, held as a private homestead for nearly 20 years, lovingly restored in the early 1960’s, and is currently operated by the wonderful Hurley family. And even though the course is quite active, hosting many tournaments, charitable functions, and golf outings, it is “just the place” if you are looking for a relaxing day of golf in a peaceful country setting.

A Little History

Before the first “settlers” set foot upon this part of Illinois, the area was the long-time home of the Pottawatomie Indians. For many decades this band of Native Americans were peacefully governed by Chief Yellowhead –or- (Min-ne-ma-ung) – (which is Yellowhead in their native language). Chief Yellowhead was, (although history is not quite clear on this point), most probably the brother of the great Shawnee Chieftain Tecumseh – known as the most influential of all the tribal chiefs of the time.

As the first settlers found the fertile land to their liking, and through treaty and the western migration of the buffalo, these Native Americans were replaced by more and more European settlers, and small towns sprang up throughout the area. Among these settlers was the reverend James Campbell whose son C.C. Campbell is most commonly referred to as the founder of what is now Grand Park, IL. C.C. Campbell through his influence and talents persuaded the railroad to stop on this land (in approx. 1869), and in the town that he named “Grant” after his long-time friend President Ulysses S. Grant. Later the railroad asked that name be altered to avoid confusion with another stop – and so “Grant” became today’s’ Grant Park.

Grant Park flourished in the early 20th Century, until tornadoes, fires, and migration of many to the larger city of Chicago put a stop to the town’s growth. Once again farming became the primary function of this area, and today the village of Grant Park is a beautiful, quiet place – home to approx. 1,500 – with some light industry, beautiful homes, many churches, highly regarded schools, and as peaceful a place as you will ever find.

Minne Monesse GC

In the early 1920’s – a boom period for the development of golf courses – Mr. Willard Smith of Momence Illinois, along with some friends, acquired land south of Grant Park, IL for the purpose of building a golf course. And in 1928, the (9) hole course opened, and was named “Minne Monesse”. The name was derived through the combination of Chief “Monesse” with whom Mr. Smith had become quite familiar through his study of the native people of the area; and “Min-ne-ma-ung” - the native name for Chief Yellowhead –or- in combination with “Yellowhead Township” as the area was known.

In April of 1938 – Denny Sullivan was named as the golf professional, and by all accounts, the facility was highly praised and quite active. However as World War II broke out, the course found it impossible to continue, and the course was sold, and the land was used as a pasture for cattle, as well as a turkey farm. In the mid-1940’s, the land was again sold to a gentleman who turned the property into his family’s private residence and the memories of the golf course were all but gone.

But a hero, in the form of past golf professional Denny Sullivan would not give up! For the better part of (2) decades, Mr. Sullivan would not give up trying to acquire the property & restore the golf course that he had come to love. Finally in 1960, upon the passing of the property owner, Mr. Sullivan, and his family, acquired “Minne Monesse” and miraculously brought the course back to life!  And, by the mid-1960’s, with the purchase of additional land, opened the new/restored 18 hole version of Minne Monese GC.

Minne Monesse GC – Today

In 1980, after a lifetime of working in corporate real estate, Mr. Ed Hurley noticed that Minne Monesse GC had once again become available for purchase. Having always been interested in the game of golf, and believing that the best way to become a better golfer might just be to own your own course, he took the plunge and acquired Minne Monesse GC. Becoming a better player may not have truly come about, but a lifetime of pleasure involving the operating of this fine facility with his family more that made up for it. Today his daughter Debra (who handles the inside operations) and his son Tim (who handles the course & property) work side by side with Ed – and Ed states in his own words that “After (32) years here at Minne Monesse, his family and he continue to enjoy sharing a lot of fun and experiences with their customers and staff.”